A wide, diversified range of services.

Other Services
In addition to the core services, SAS has a deep network of Global operating partners active in offering various hospital services. Through these partners SAS has the possibility to expand its offer in Turkey with additional services and the Healthcare customer can benefit from the relationship with a unique subject able to fulfill a large range of needs. These services include in particular:
  • Wash-hire services of linen and mattresses that, once used, are collected and reconditioned (washing, drying, ironing, folding) in a industrial laundry plant. 
  • Textile sterilization services, for a complete removal of any vital organ from sterile sets used in surgery for preparing the surgical field and dressing the medical team. 
  • Cleaning and sanitation of hospital areas including clinics, recovery rooms, first aid areas, operating theaters, intensive care units, nuclear medicine departments, rehabilitation areas and la-boratories. 
  • Waste management through a complete eco-services allowing to guarantee reliability and efficiency in respect of the environment and to local regulations. These services include disposal of special garbage.
  • Complete Healthcare logistic services, ranging from pharma¬ceutical warehouse management to document archiving with innovative solutions. 
  • Security and surveillance services, including risks analysis, daily and night surveillance, inspection services, video surveillance, va¬lues transport and janitor services. 
  • Real estate and energy management, through specific softwa¬res for elaborating and analyzing technical and quantitative data concerning heat, property layout and other systems.
  • Hospital catering, including preparation and service of meals to patients, visitors and employees, as well as special services for events and conferences. 
  • Biomedical maintenance, including installation, technical sup¬port, repair and maintenance of equipment and autoclaves for sterilization of operating rooms and central. 
  • Transport and handling services, executed through advanced traceability devices.