Modern Management and Technological Innovation

Surgical Instruments Sterilization

The surgical instruments sterilization service is the one with more added value. Used instruments, no matter if rented or taken over, are collected, reconditioned, subjected to steri¬lization cycle and then returned to the operating theatre for a new use. Sterilization takes place in centers which are built on purpose or renovated by Servizi Italia for the customer , which are located within the hospitals or in the neighborhood. Service starts sending the tools from the operating theater to sterilization center using some special containers containing a liquid decontaminant. Once instruments arrive at the Steriliza¬tion center and are accepted by the management information system, they are brought to the “Dirt Area” where they are sorted and disassembled and then subjected to a first wash which can be both manual (eg some surgical instruments, especially those used for orthopedic surgery, have particular shapes and dimen¬sions) or in a washer, depending on kind of device.
Then, surgical instruments enter the “ Clean Area” where they are reassembled , packed in special containers or in paper-polyethy¬lene bags and then sterilized in a steam autoclave. These contai¬ners are identified by a bar code that guarantees traceability and then stored in the sterile area. The restoration of instruments in containers is based on the guidelines agreed with the operative sector, by virtue of the specific needs of the surgeries and with the assistance of Servizi Italia technical personnel. All activities connected to surgical instruments sterilization process are carri¬ed out by trained personnel in accordance with local regulations and Medical Devices norms, ensuring the traceability of the process/product through the use of appropriate IT and techno¬logical systems that allow to automatically identify any device.